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Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

Whether your business is online, home-based, or corporate running a business is challenging enough and without the proper business insurance it will become even more stressful and costly. The good news is you can get the coverages you need tailored to your business.

Business Insurance Basics

Each business is different and will need specific coverages for that business. For example if you have a home-based business ran by one person, you will not need workers compensation, whereas a restaurant owner will need this coverage if their employees get hurt or sick on the job (we hope this doesn't happen), however if it does you want to make sure you are covered for life's mishaps. this is why Insurance is so important in many areas of our lives.

Different Types Of Business Insurance:

General Liability

A General Liability Policy (GLI) covers your business when a claim has been made involving bodily injuries, property damage, and medical cost that developed from your products or services.

Professional Liability

Workers Compensation

Commercial Property

Business Owners Policy

Commercial Auto