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Comprehensive Solutions

Unity AIA offers a wide variety of high-quality and fully customizable noninsurance packages and solutions for all of our clients’ insurance needs. These products are available to clients who purchase insurance, as well as clients that don't. Learn more about noninsurance coverage below or schedule an obligation free appointment with one of our agents today.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity thieves can steal money from your bank and investment accounts. They can also take out loans in your name and ruin your good credit. Many have been known to even commit criminal acts using their victim's identity. Once you've become a victim, it could cost you hundreds to restore your identity. Unity AIA's identity theft partnership can offer you a variety of plans for as low as $7.99 for individuals and $14.99 for family plans. 

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Mechanical Breakdown & Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our priority is to keep you safe and on the road! Our mechanical breakdown partner is prepared to be your advocate for all emergency needs. We can offer reliable 24/7 roadside assistance that will always be there to keep you safe, as well as notifying you of dangerous manufacturer recalls. Our mechanical breakdown partner will keep you informed because we care for you and your vehicle’s safety. We understand a car can have an issue anytime. That’s why our partner has created open lines of communication so you can reach us by text, email, or phone call to answer your questions.

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Protect Yourself

Auto Refinancing

Auto refinancing has never been easier for our customers. We've partnered with two of the Nation's largest auto refinance networks to help save you money on your monthly loan payment.

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Small Business Financial Assistance

Not only are we equipped to provide you with the protection that your new business will need to operate safely, but we have also developed a partnership to assist you with funding your business. Call us today prepared with the information below to see if you qualify!

  • Requested loan amount

  • Total collateral value

  • FICO score

  • Industry

  • Time in Business

  • Company type

  • Total Business Assets

  • Total Business Liabilities

  • Monthly Business Income

  • Monthly Household Income

  • Monthly Personal Dept

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